What would the world be like if we had to stay put in one location? The mere thought of that is scary. Mobility is a human necessity.

And thereupon, comes the need to make use of cars.

If you think owning a car is a luxury, you probably have never been to or lived in Nigeria.

In Naija, not having a automotive makes quality a nightmare.

You’ll have to deal with a lot of hassles just to move from one location to another.

Digital technology has created a marketplace for individuals to sell cars on-line in African nation.

Buyers can seat in the comfort of their homes and browse a variety of cars online until they find the ones they are interested in.
Car selling sites in Nigeria

A few years past, one may hardly realize a reliable on-line platform to sell cars, but today, there square measure a few of automotive mercantilism sites in African nation.
Giving the dynamics of on-line transactions, one must {be automotiveeful|take care|use caution|watch out} in golf shot up their car available on-line.


Let’s take a glance at the vi most well liked automotive mercantilism websites in African nation and our reviews!

1.1. Naijauto.com
Naijauto.com needs no introduction.

In just one year, it’s full-grown to become the largest automotive specialised web site within the country.
According to our latest statistics, Naijauto has four times additional cars available than Cheki.com.ng and 7 times more car adverts than Olx.com.ng.

I once wonder why a young site could do such a thing and then found my answer when surfing their web.

Unlike different sites whose focus is usually automotive sellers to earn cash, Naijauto is actually a customer-centric platform wherever everybody fascinated by cars will be educated with tips and news.
That’s why automotive drivers and consumers naturally return to them for facilitate, leading to a large number of car sellers as well.


Also, posting automotive adverts on Naijauto.com remains entirely free until date, that attracts several used automotive sellers from all regions within the country.

1.2. Nairaland.com
Nairaland has been in existence for a very long time and deserves the second place in our list. The popular forum offers different topics and has a car selling section (Autos) where users can advertise their cars to interested buyers for free.

But being a forum, it’s a restricted range of automotives available and following a post causes a lot of problem for users than on a car web site.
Car buyers, therefore, square measure discouraged from finding their desired automotive ads here and that theytypically address specialised automotive page for knowledgeable support.

If you post your car for sale in this forum, you may need to comment on your post every minute to make sure it remains on top; otherwise, new topics will take it place and your advert is nowhere to be seen on the first page.
1.3. Jiji.ng

In fact, Jiji has most automotive listings (30K listings) however why we have a tendency to place Jiji.ng the third place?
The number of automotive listings on Jiji is accumulated through years of operation whereas such a young websiteas Naijauto is already catching up with their twenty three thousand adverts.


Furthermore, Jiji is not specialized in cars, so either buyers or sellers can hardly find support from car experts from this site.

One more thing, although you can post ad on Jiji for free, free listings are limited to certain viewers only, which forces you to buy their premium services.
1.4. Cheki.com.ng

Cheki has engineered a name for itself as a automotive mercantilism website in African nation by variety of automotive adverts and sure automotive tips.

However, both these sections are limited in number and an important thing is that you have to pay when posting any car listing on Cheki.

This website offers a pair of evaluation packages: ₦8,000 or ₦5,000 per month without any commitment of the result.

1.5. Olx.com.ng
The next name is Olx.com.ng.

It’s conjointly a platform for personal automotive homeowners to sell their cars, but Olx is more like Jiji when serving other categories like mobile phones, furniture, jobs and even

pets as well. Buyers and sellers don’t have the opportunity of consulting car expert for tips and advice.

Moreover, there accustomed be some stories associated with scam listings on this web site, which scared the buyers out of the page for a while.

1.6. Cars45

Cars45 focuses on the sale of used cars in African nation.
It acts specifically sort of a used dealer, not a website for cars for sale by owner.

Relatively new on the market, it has been able to get the attention of the masses through rigorous advertising of selling your car in 45 minutes.

The fact is you sell your automotive to them, not to individual buyers.

This is their procedure: you post your car info, they forward you to nearest center, you bring your car there for inspection and price negotiation.

Once in agreement, they send you cash for the automotive.

So, you can see they’re exactly a dealer whose purpose is to get profit over your car sale, that’s why selling car here will earn you less money than on other aforementioned websites.

Sell automotives on-line in African country – tips to urge your car sold quickly


There square measure many tips once golf shot your automotive up purchasable on automotive merchandisingsites.
To ensure that yours gets sold as quick as attainable, follow the steps below:

Provide full information
Buyers need all the information to help them make an informed decision. Don’t hoard details of your car; put it all out there. Assume you are talking to the buyer face to face, say all you have to say: How long have you used? Where did you buy it from? etc
Upload high-quality pictures
Pictures speak more than a thousand words and buyers definitely judge your car condition through pics more than your descriptions.

Use a camera with high resolution, then showcase completely different angles of the automotive for full speech act.

Be trustable

With such a lot scam happening on-line in African country, folks need to make sure that they’re addressing a realtrafficker.
To gain trust from potential consumers, become a registered or verified trafficker on the automotive web site.

Offer a test drive

A lot of individuals sell their automotive as a result of it’s become faulty.

In order to avoid buying trouble with their money, buyers are more interested in patronizing sellers that offer a test drive. This grand gesture goes a long way to show that you are indeed genuine, so remember to include “Test drive available” in your listing description.
Provide all legal documents
People buying stolen cars online is becoming rampant. Intelligent Nigerians ask to see every legal document associated with the car before they can make a commitment. Don’t wait for the seller to ask, mention all the documents you have in your car advert.
Be reachable
The whole effort would be defeated if interested buyers are unable to reach you.

They will instantly move to consecutive trafficker WHO they’ll contact right at that point.

So, if possible, provide 2 active phone numbers and a valid email address. Always have your phone with you as well.
Be open to negotiations

You are absolute to bump into sellers WHO might sell your automotive and denote several faults to cut back the value.

While this might be annoying, you need to understand that buyer has the right to negotiate. Carry a thorough inspection of your car and be polite in your response. Simply ensure you tell the truth about the car condition and let them know the lowest price you can take.
Offer discounts
If you want your car to be bought as soon as possible, you should consider giving interested buyers a very good discount. This might require you going below the planned price, but it’ll surely help you get money for your car faster.
Where to sell cars online for free?

There square measure numerous automotive merchandising websites that enable sellers to sell their cars on-lineat no cost.

Most of them have been reviewed in the first part of the article. Some of these sites include:
Naijauto.com (unlimited free listings)
Nairaland.com (unlimited postings)
Jiji.com (free listings with limited views)
Olx.com.ng (unlimited free listings)
JumiaCar (unlimited free listings)
Car selling site we highly recommend?

Amongst these choices, Naijauto.com is still the number-one car buying & selling website as we recommended before.
In the half below, we specify reasons car sellers should choose Naijauto.com:

Totally free

There’s no registration fee needed to list your automotive purchasable.

You can post unlimited listings on this website as long as they are qualified.
To sell your car on Naijauto.com, follow this link and remember to sign up with your email or Facebook account to manage your adverts later: https://naijauto.com/sell-car
Biggest reach to buyers

Naijauto.com has the best traffic volume compared to alternative automotive websites in African country (8.6 million visitors per year).
Listing your automotive thereon mechanically makes your post visible to thousands of web site user and additionally Facebook accounts.
As so much as we all know, Naijauto Facebook pages gain more than 150K followers just after few months launched.

Trusted site

People solely transfer their cars on sites they trust.
In 2018 solely, over 30,000 new sellers have registered on Naijauto.com to sell their cars, so you don’t need to worry when posting your car info here.


I think that’s all you would like to grasp to sell cars on-line in African country.

Once you apply tips above, your car will surely be sold after few days of posting. Good luck!

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