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How Can Someone use Facebook Messenger to Increase ORDERS and Get More Customers for their Products and Services?

What is the best way to get more results from my Facebook Ads?

These were the questions that ran through my mind after several nights of trying to think how to make my Facebook Ads Work.

After importing my goods, I decided to do all i was taught, i created my sales page, created my ads and started advertising.

Yes, Once in a while i got orders but then it was really not spectacular as i thought.

This was because so many people ended up just liking and commenting on my page instead of filling the order form.

I remember how i would look at my page and see over 1000 comments filled with questions like:  Influential of fools thought (habit)

How Much

What is the Price

I am Interested

Can you chat with me

Many of these comments even though i was being charged by Facebook never brought any sale because i was not available to respond when they sent it.

Even when i responded later, It was either too late or the customer was no longer interested.

This was my situation until i met a friend who introduced me to Facebook Messenger ChatBot

i simply used this Artificial Intelligence Software called Facebook Messenger Chatbot on my Facebook page and everything changed.

The Facebook Messenger Chatbot was able to chat with anyone who responds to my ad, Collect details, Get Orders and even answer their questions even if someone responds by 2am.

Within 7 days, i was able to secure 50 Orders and people started approaching me to help them set up their own Facebook Messenger ChatBot.
That was how my company was formed,

To see how we can help you set up your Own Facebook Messenger Chatbot for your business

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