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Mr death… poem to remember

The END of every PLAN..
The irreversible cessation of all vital functions especially as indicated by permanent stoppage of the heart, respiration, and brain activity.
The END of LIFE indeed.

The “OIL HAS SPILLED ON A SANDY GROUND”..Tomorrow is indeed too far, because yesterday don’t cry,  Mr death, the true definition of Human being, the peak of LOVE and CARING, the only man who heals your pain before his, the only man that will always ask you this question (WHAT IS REMAINING). My man has left for a journey of no return, leaving thousands weeping and dying in pain… What a heartbreak from an Undisputed Philanthropist…. Hey!!!!!! Where was I, when you fell down as narrated, who knows the reluctancy of the nurses and doctors during the time of the incident.
What a life, what a wicked world, indeed life is meaningless, with HER so called enemy DEATH. I still wonder how death came and snatch people in the midst of siblings, mum, pastor and friends without any sign, you couldn’t even say a word before giving up.My Letter To The Unknown Japanese Soldier Who Killed My GrandPa

UNSCHEDULED DEPARTURE from the World most, all the plans have been shattered in a blink of an eye. Yeeeeeeh!!! A man is gone…. I feel for the Living for Ecclesiastes 9:5-6 says “For the living know that they shall die: but the dead know not any thing, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten.
Also their love, and their hatred, and their envy, is now perished; neither have they any more a portion for ever in any thing that is done under the sun.” . Rest in Peace they say, farewell, bye, safe journey. God knows the best words to there family and friends. It’s indeed finished…💔💔💔

amadi amarachi

Written by amadi amarachi


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